Your partner for real estate investments

De Kempe - Real Estate Advisory is the advisor for your real estate assets.

Active for more than 15 years in advising and assisting wealthy families and companies in Belgium.


The Kempe - Real Estate

De Kempe advises and guides you in real estate investments

Advice on your real estate portfolio

As specialists in the real estate market, we offer customized solutions for companies and private investors. We therefore believe in knowledge transfer as a driver for long-term relationships. Here we offer the entire spectrum of services, ranging from pure consulting to transactional assignments. Central to each case is your strategy and wealth accumulation. Discover our various formulas here.


Mediation of purchases and sales

In our unique way, we connect real estate, people and resources. In doing so, it is in our DNA to create opportunities rather than wait for them to arise. De Kempe conducts negotiations on your behalf with potential buyers and sellers of real estate.



Over 15 years of experience in assisting and advising on real estate transactions.


As a boutique agency, we are in the unique position of operating solely in the best interest of our client and with no obligations to “large accounts. We can thus assess investment properties, projects and all types of buildings thus without conflict of interest.


Our approach creates off-market investment opportunities that others don’t see. We enable our clients to make purchases or sales based on their precise criteria.

Total approach

Working with wealth banks, De Kempe represents a comprehensive approach to real estate investing in which the financing component plays a central role in the search for returns.


Our market knowledge and extensive network gives you access to a wide range of on and off market real estate.


Together with our team of specialists, we will guide you in identifying the best investment opportunities.

Our organization is geared to best serve the specific needs of the (family) real estate investor in properties exceeding a value of EUR 1Million. In doing so, we stand for utmost discretion, strong market knowledge and a high degree of commitment both before, during and after each transaction.

De Kempe – Real Estate Advisory is the go-to person for real estate investments. We advise and assist high net worth families and companies in Belgium.