Mediating real estate investments

Guidance, expertise and an extensive network,
all in function of your efficiency.


We ensure the smooth handling of your real estate transactions.

Personalized service and guidance every step of the way.

De Kempe offers customized real estate solutions for businesses and individuals. As an independent facilitator, we match supply and demand in the real estate market. The fulfillment of purchase or sale orders is done from a common critical consultation as a strategic basis. This is then turned into tangible results with the utmost dedication.

Taking care of purchases and sales

We understand that trading real estate can be an intensive and time-consuming process. We take this completely out of your hands and offer personalized service every step of the way. An informed decision leads to the best deal.

Informed professional opinion

Is the purchase you wish to make market-based? We do thorough market research and provide you with a benchmark price analysis.

Our team of real estate experts thoroughly checks the suitability of the property/project for your portfolio. We detect unlicensed construction, check all the certificates are in order, etc. Does an opportunity for negotiation crop up or does the property turn out to be a dangerous no go? We will give you our professional opinion.

Negotiations on your behalf

Our real estate experts will help you identify opportunities within your real estate portfolio. We advise and mediate subject to your agreement, with a keen eye on your long-term goals.

How do we proceed?


With a no-obligation personal meeting at your home or at our office, we aim at starting a long-term cooperation. Specifically, we discuss that portion of your assets that you dedicate or wish to dedicate to real estate. We review your existing real estate assets and take into account real estate market trends and needs to further optimize your portfolio. Our mission is to be your first point of contact for any real estate challenge that crosses your path.


On your instruction, we start our assignment. This may involve a purchase or sale of any type of propertyCarrying out a financial analysis; valuing a patrimony company; subscribing to a needs program; or just giving advice; and so much more… Your contact person here is not a junior employee but invariably the manager who goes through your file personally.

Network activation

Depending on the type of assignment, we provide you with an unmatchable network of real estate buyers and sellers. In this way, we seek on- and off-market solutions for every job, without compromise, accurately and efficiently.

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