Multidiciplinary approach across property types

We connect your personal goals with the right type of real estate.


Our expertise in and multi-disciplinary approach

to the different types of real estate is unique.

Few consultants have knowledge of so many different types of real estate. This makes us unique. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we connect you with every type of property that is right for your portfolio.





Student housing



The most defensive of all property types, residential real estate offers opportunities in a booming rental market.

For those starting out in real estate investing, this may be the most obvious choice. The central question is not “what is important to you in residential real estate” but rather “what your future tenant wants.” We help you with the investment criteria that are important to you so that you can make a well-informed investment in the right location and with attention to future evolutions in energy efficiency.


The office market holds no secrets for us.

The central question you should ask yourself before purchasing a leased office (building) is how quickly, at what price and with what investment you can re-let when vacant. Together with you, we anticipate the answer so that you have a realistic picture of your long-term future returns. After all, the current value of your building is the sum of your future cash flows. Knowledge of the user market, on top of that of the investment market, is the key to returns, and that’s where we are specialists.


Belgium is a country of SMEs.

To support economic growth, production and storage are urbanized on designated lots. The buildings we deal in are those with load-bearing floors, proper clear heights, multipurpose supply options, good access to highways, in short, everything required to support your tenant’s operations. Let us guide you through this landscape so that your investment ticks all your (future) tenant(s)’ boxes and adds value to your portfolio.


We know the retail real estate market like no-one else.

Retail is a real specialization: a few meters down the street or just around the corner, a shop window that is a little wider or just higher, extra m² on a floor or in a basement, etc.. all this makes a difference to the value of your property. Our passions is to match these properties with the right user to achieve a valuable investment. Founded on a healthy win-win long-term relationship with your tenant, based on a fair rent, we strive to achieve a sound property investment. We are experts in assessing investment properties in the inner-city retail market as well as superstores.

Student housing

The acute shortage of student lots in most college towns makes this asset class a highly defensive investment.

With the right for day-to-day management solution, there is a very good chances that you will enjoy long-term stable rental income with little vacancy. Given that this asset class falls outside the Residential Tenancy Act, an annual rent review is among the options. Let’s work together to find the property that fits into your portfolio with particular focus on the urban design component.


As an entrepreneur, are you looking to buy real estate to run a hotel in it?

Or, as an investor, would you opt for a worry-free return, leaving the management of the hotel to specialists? We operate in both areas and provide you with the right guidance. Here, the track record and financial clout of your contractual counterparty on the one hand and the type of occupancy agreement on the other are critical. Polyvalence in terms of repurposing at the end of the real estate cycle is also part of our assessment criterion. Let’s analyse together what the possibilities are.

At De Kempe, we believe in personal follow-up and customized solutions.