Patrimony Companies

Buying or selling Patrimonial Companies and the assets they contain.

Through our unparalleled network of wealthy buyers of patrimonial companies, De Kempe manages to combine the best price with the most advantageous structure in terms of transaction security.

Our procedure in 5 steps

Our procedure in 10 clear steps

1. Screening

  • Property portfolio overview
  • High-level analysis of leases & financial statement(s)
  • Discussion of strategic considerations
  • Financial analysis: Asset deal vs Share deal


2. Site visits

  • Comprehensive site visits to real estate assets


3. Determining property value

  • Detailed analysis of occupancy agreements and cash flows
  • Appointing of independent estimator
  • Pricing the property


4. Determining share price

  • Activating accountant
  • Impact of tax on stock price


5. Creation of sales file

  • Appointing of professional photographer
  • Formatting of attractive, watertight commercial dossier

6. Formatting data room

  • Appoint an independent legal advisor
  • Inventory and digitization of available data


7. Sales process

  • Approach real estate and capital market if on- or off-market procedure chosen


8. Evaluation of bids

  • Comparison of bids
  • Combination highest price & least restrictive conditions


9. Due diligence

  • Activating legal advisor
  • Red flag meeting
  • Possible structuring solutions


10. Transfer

  • Transferring the price
  • Share register registration

Portfolio Check

Structure of real estate assets

Financial plan for purchase

Sale and leaseback

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